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How to Access a Concealed Toilet Cistern

Concealed cisterns are a great alternative to traditional close coupled, low level and high level cisterns. They offer a clean, modern and minimalist look and are often similarly priced to standard close coupled toilets. Concealed cisterns also offer the benefit...

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How to Measure a Toilet Lever Flush Syphon

When replacing a lever flush syphon, it isn't a "one size fits all" type scenario. There are many different sizes and shapes available and it's important to make sure that the syphon you're installing is suitable for the cistern. If your...

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How to Fix a Toilet Cistern That Won't Stop Filling

It's usually quite easy to tell when your toilet cistern won't stop filling up, often it's either the sound of constant hissing or trickling, or water constantly overflowing down the external overflow tube and flowing outside or through the internal overflow...

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