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Macdee Kayla Flush Valve Installation Guide & Troubleshooting

This guide has been sourced directly from Derwent Macdee / Wirquin and is only applicable to Macdee Kayla DVA0100, AFV50100, AFV50200, AFV40100 and AFV40200 models.

Please ensure these instructions are followed carefully – if you are unsure about any aspect of the installation, please consult a qualified installer. In the event of any problem with the function of this equipment, please check installation before consulting your supplier.


Do not use mole grips and do not overtighten plastic nuts.
Do not use a sealing compound as damage may occur to plastic components.

1. Place the base seal over threaded section and feed through bottom of cistern. Secure hand-tight plus half a turn using back-nut supplied (using a suitable spanner).

2. For internal overflow, measure from base of cistern to waterline and add 20 to 50mm. Ensure that the top of the overflow is a minimum of 10mm below any aperture in the cistern (such as fixing holes). To adjust overflow tube, slide the overflow tube clip and raise/lower to suit your installation. When height is set, slide the overflow tube clip back to secure. Test overflow by making the inlet valve fail. If overflow cannot cope with all incoming water, turn the isolation valve (not supplied) to reduce water flow and try again.

3. To adjust the full flush volume, raise/lower the full flush adjustment; the lower the slide is set, the higher the flush volume will be. Note: The flushing valve is preset to flush 6 litres (nominal) minimum volume, when the slide is in the lowest position.

4. To adjust the part flush volume, move slide up for less and down for more.

5. Insert button through cistern lid and secure hand-tight using the bezel and back-nut provided. Then place the cistern lid onto the cistern. If fitting the inlet valve to the left of the cistern, route the cable to the right so that the cable does not obstruct the float of the inlet valve. (Reverse for opposite hand feed.)

For 2” outlet hole use thick base seal washer.

For 1 1/2” outlet hole use thin base seal washer.


To clean the seal (if water is leaking into WC pan), unclip the button assembly and remove cistern lid. Twist the main body of the valve 1/8th turn anti-clockwise and remove, pull the stem seal off, clean with warm water, then re-fit the valve by reinserting the 2 lugs and turn 1/8th clockwise and re-fit the cistern lid. Re-check for leaks.

Further product support is available on the official Wirquin website:
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