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Siamp Optima 50 Flush Valve Installation & Maintenance Guide

This guide has been sourced directly from Siamp. A diagram which illustrates each part is available below.

1. Installation

Position the mechanism in the cistern and secure it in place with the nut (g) Manually screw the flush valve nut (g) until it is in contact with the ceramic. If necessary give an extra quarter turn (maximum) with the appropriate spanner. NB : Excessive tightening can damage the mechanism and would not be covered by the guarantee.

2. Assembling the Bowl & Cistern

- Fix screws at the bottom of the cistern.

- Position the latex foam gasket on the nut.

- Position the cistern on the bowl and secure it with wing nuts.

3. Installation of Button

- Once the set-up has been completed, place button (a) on lid and screw button nut (c), if the hole in the lid (D) is > 38 mm and < 45 mm, remove the escutcheon (b).

- Clip cable case.

- Place lid back on top of cistern.

4. Maintenance

Changing the valve gasket.

- After having opened the cistern, turn the mechanism 90° to separate it from its strainer.

- Change the valve gasket.

- Reposition the mechanism, locking it into the strainer.

- Close the cistern again.

Siamp Optima 50 Flush Valve Diagram


Further product support is available on the official Siamp website:
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