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Ideal Standard & Armitage Shanks Flush Valve Base Seal Maintenance Guide

This maintenance guide has been sourced directly from Ideal Standard. A diagram which illustrates the maintenance procedures is available below.

The cistern outlet valve should be checked and the seal cleaned periodically.

1. Turn off the water supply to the cistern and flush.

2. Close the toilet seat and lid.

3. Remove the cistern lid.

4. Remove the valve body by gripping and turning it anti-clockwise to unlock. Apply downward pressure whilst turning the valve (to prevent the clips breaking). Lifting the valve body exposes the valve seal (A & B).

5. Inspect and clean the valve seal.

6. If necessary replace the valve seal by removing the retaining clip and inserting a screwdriver down the centre hole as shown (C & D).

7. Check the condition of the seal face, remove any obstruction.

8. Refitting the valve is the reversal of the removal, taking care to locate the tabs of the valve body into the lugs of the valve seat, (E & F).

9. Re-fit the cistern lid and turn on the water. Re-fill the cistern, test the flush and seating.

10. Quote reference SV01967 to purchase a replacement seal.

Further product support is available on the official Ideal Standard website:
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