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Macdee Metro Syphon Installation Guide & Troubleshooting

This guide has been sourced directly from Derwent Macdee / Wirquin and is only applicable to the Macdee Metro lever flush toilet syphon.

A diagram and some images which illustrate each part are available below.

Low Level Cisterns

Assembling the syphon:

1. Push the syphon washer over the threaded tail of the siphon.

2. Push the threaded tail down through the outlet hole in the base of the cistern (making sure that the syphon washer is on the inside of the cistern).

3. Put the backnut over the protuding threaded tail and hand tighten back-nut.

4. Finally tighten further 1/2 turn using a spanner.

Attaching the flushpipe:

5. Place the coupling nut, followed by the sealing washer onto the flushpipe.

6. Insert the flushpipe into the tail of the syphon (35mm maximum) and hand tighten the coupling nut.

Close Coupled Cisterns

After completing stage 1 as for low level cisterns place the close coupling plate over the threaded tail of the syphon, before completing stages 3 and 4.

Place the plate over threads of the syphon, secure hand tight using back-nut provided as shown in picture E and tighten further half turn using a suitable spanner.


Question: Why won't the syphon flush of flush only when I pump the handle?

Answer: Check the quick release nut is fully tightened.

Answer: Check the syphon diaphragm washer is flat to the piston base and is not torn or damaged.

Answer: Check the sealing washer is not kinked or trapped.

Further product support is available on the official Wirquin website:
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