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Ideal Standard & Armitage Shanks Inlet Valve Maintenance Guide

This maintenance guide has been sourced directly from Ideal Standard. A diagram which illustrates the parts of an Ideal Standard inlet valve is available below. Please note the illustration may not be relevant to your particular model.

1. Turn off water.

2. Turn the cap 1/8th turn anti-clockwise and remove the cap and diaphragm.

3. Carefully remove filter from the valve body. Use long nose pliers to grip the ribs inside the filter, turn the filter 1/4 turn anti-clockwise and pull out (see insert).

4. Clean the filter. Wash away any foreign matter and check for damage.

5. Flush out and replace filter. The bayonets on the filter fit into slots on the body. Push the filter fully home and rotate 1/4 turn clockwise to lock into position.

6. Re-assemble diaphragm and cap.

7. Turn on water and check for leaks and correct water line.

Further product support is available on the official Ideal Standard website:
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