Wirquin Flushpipe Pan Bung Connector Flush Cone 59180004

by Wirquin
Genuine Wirquin Product Next Day Delivery Options Easy Installation Sturdy Rubber Construction

The Flushpipe Pan Bung Connector is ideal for replacing worn or warped flush cones. The sturdy rubber construction will ensure an excellent seal that should last a very long time. Flush cones are typically internally smaller than the flush pipe so that when the flush pipe is inserted the flush cone will expand to ensure a good seal is made.


Height 70mm (uncompressed)
Length 25mm
Width 70mm (uncompressed)
Suitability Suitable for a variety of WC pans that require a flush pipe.
Flush Cone / Bung Internal Diameter 45mm
Flush Cone / Bung External Diameter 52mm (compressed)

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£1 - Royal Mail Letter

£6 - Royal Mail Parcel

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