Thomas Dudley Pinto / Derwent Macdee Compact Pneumatic Flush Valve Bellows 318947

by Thomas Dudley

The Pinto flush valve bellows from Thomas Dudley is compatible with the Thomas Pinto / Derwent Macdee Compact pneumatic single flush valve. If your flush valve isn't flushing properly, it could very well be that not enough pressure is being generated to lift the flushing assembly of the valve.

Quite often it can be this bellows washer, over time the washer may develop small fractures in it's surface as it's constantly expanding and contracting, therefore not keeping the air contained and not expanding enough to lift the flush valve assembly.

You can test if it's the bellows washer yourself with a simple method. Simply disconnect the pneumatic tube that it attached to your push button and blow down the tube. If the valve doesn't lift properly as you're blowing down it, it will more than likely be this bellows washer.

If the valve lifts with ease, it could very well be an issue with the button instead. In such a case, contact us with an image of the button and chances are, we'll carry it in stock. This washer may save you money in the long term as many make the mistake of purchasing a full valve at the first sign of any flushing issue.

Thickness: 16mm (Including pneumatic connection point.)

Diameter: 59mm

Material: Rubber

Suitability: Designed for use with Thomas Dudley Pinto / Derwent Macdee Compact pneumatic flush valves.

Manufacturer: Thomas Dudley


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