Roca D2D 2" New Style Dual Flush Toilet Cistern Flush Valve AH0004800R

by Roca

The Roca new style dual flush valve is found in a variety of different models of WC from Roca.

The main body of the flush valve is identical to the old style flush valve from Roca, but is easily identifiable due to it's threaded connection for the button on the top.

The flush valve has a height adjustable flush volume selector for additional convenience and water saving.

Height: 318mm

Thread Diameter: 2"

Flush Type: Dual Flush

Connection: The button attaches directly to the top of the valve.

Material: Plastic

Manufacturer: Roca

Available Delivery Options:

£1 - Royal Mail Letter (2 - 3 Working Days)

£6 - Royal Mail Parcel (3 - 4 Working Days)

Please note: There are delivery delays of approximately 1-2 weeks due to the ongoing Royal Mail national strike action.

Click on the link below for further information on the Royal Mail website.

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