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Flush Cones are available in different materials and a variety of sizes for different applications. Flush cones provide a tight seal round the flush pipe of the toilet and ensure no water escapes when you flush your toilet. The most common flush cone is found in a low level toilet and the low level toilet flush cone is usually rubber or plastic . Handy tip use a little washing up liquid on the flush cone when installing the new one as it will make the job a lot easier to carry out as they can be quite tight - which is a good water tight seal.
Wirquin Flushpipe Pan Bung Connector Flush Cone 59180004 Wirquin Toilet Spares Wirquin Sold out

Wirquin Flushpipe Toilet Pan Bung Connector Flush Cone 59180004


This connector is ideal for replacing worn or warped flush cones. The sturdy rubber construction will ensure an excellent seal that should last a v...

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