Wirquin Quick Fit Dual Flush 2" Flush Valve & Chrome Push Button 10721505

by Wirquin

The Quick Fit flush valve from Wirquin features a 3/6L water saving dual flush mechanism, the button is suitable for holes ranging from 14mm to 58mm, and with it's easyclip system, this flush valve allows for quick assembly and dismantling. The flush valve also features a 2" compression sealing washer, and a unique clip design on the base of the valve, enabling it to be installed without dismantling the cistern.

Materials: Main body of valve is plastic, the base sealing washers are rubber.

Contents: 1 x Quick Fit valve complete with cable and chrome dual flush button.

Suitability: Suitable for a variety of toilet cistern with a 2" outlet.

Thread Diameter: 2"

Flush Type: Dual flush.

Operation Type: Cable operated.

Please Note: Due to COVID-19, your delivery may take longer than expected.

Available Delivery Options:

£1 - Royal Mail Letter

£6 - Royal Mail Parcel

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