Wirquin Jollyflush 350mm Grey Flush Valve Cable 19080001

by Wirquin
Genuine Wirquin Product Next Day Delivery Options Easy Installation May Save Purchasing an Entire New Flush Valve

If your Wirquin Jollyflush flush valve won't lift, chances are you need a replacement cable. Purchasing a replacement cable may save you having to purchase an entire new valve, saving you money in the long-run, and seeing as the cables simply clip onto the existing valve and button it could save you a lot of time and hassle too. The grey cable is suitable for Wirquin MW2 and Jollyflush valves.


Length 350mm (Excluding attachments for the flush valve & button)
Contents Cable only.
Suitability Suitable for Wirquin MW2 and Jollyflush valves.
Cable Colour Grey.

Please Note: Due to COVID-19, your delivery may take longer than expected.

Available Delivery Options:

£1 - Royal Mail Letter

£6 - Royal Mail Parcel

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