Wirquin Jollyflush 2" 50mm & 1 1/2" 40mm Universal Bottom Entry Fittings Pack 14010402

by Wirquin
Genuine Wirquin Product Easily Serviceable 2 Part Design Next Day Delivery Options Water Saving Dual Flush Capability Adjustable Internal Overflow WRAS Approved Adjustable Telescopic Inlet Valve

The Jollyflush range from Wirquin combines the benefits of a telescopic internal overflow design with the option of either a 1 1/2" or 2" base. The overflow is adjustable from 240mm to 270mm and it's unique design means that it doesn't need to be cut, eliminating the possibility of a permanently set incorrect overflow level. The Jollyflush valve is suitable for cisterns ranging from 300 to 420mm high and the button can be top or front mounted.

The Jollyfill range from Wirquin is a user friendly WRAS approved professional range offering solutions for all tank sizes. The Wirquin Jollyfill bottom entry adjustable inlet valve features a delayed action system for greater water saving, it's compact and space saving, fast filling and is ultra quiet at only 17 decibels. This inlet valve is also suitable for low and high operating pressure at 0.1 up to 16 bar pressure and is resistant to peaks of pressure of up to 20 bar. This inlet valve also features an anti-siphoning design, eliminates water hammer and is quick closing.

Height 250mm - 300mm (Overflow height is adjustable.) - Flush valve.
Length 90mm
Width 90mm
Cistern Lever Type N/A
Lift Arm Type N/A
Doughnut Washer Type 2 x types. Stepped conical and flat octagonal.
Doughnut Washer External Diameter Stepped conical is 83mm, flat octagonal is 110mm.
Doughnut Washer Internal Diameter Stepped conical is 40mm, flat octagonal is 70mm.
Inlet Valve Thread Length 45mm
Inlet Valve Feed Location Bottom feed.
Inlet Valve Thread Diameter 1/2" (15mm)
Flush Valve Thread Diameter 1 1/2" & 2 " (40mm & 50mm)
Syphon Thread Diameter N/A
Operation Type Cable operated.
Flush Type Dual flush.
Cable Colour Grey.
Material(s) Main body of flush valve and inlet valve is plastic, the base sealing washers are rubber, the cistern bolts are metal.
Contents 1 x Jollyflush valve complete with grey cable and chrome dual flush button, 1 x Jollyfill inlet valve, 2 x cistern bolts, 2 x different types of doughnut washer and a white cistern blank.
Suitability Suitable for a variety of toilet cisterns.
Finish Chrome finish (push button).

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