Fluidmaster PRO 400 & 747 Fill Valve Diaphragm Washer 242MP071

by Fluidmaster
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If your Fluidmaster inlet valve won't shut off properly it could very well be that the diaphragm washer inside of the valve needs to be replaced. Over time as the valve is continuously opening and closing, small tears can start to form in the diaphragm washer, in turn the diaphragm washer will no longer give a good seal. Debris in the water supply (which can be commonly caused by nearby work being carried out on the water supply) can also contribute overtime to this washer being worn.

Many make the mistake of purchasing a full replacement inlet valve at the first sign of any issue, replacing just this washer may save you a lot time and money in the long-term.

We advise purchasing a couple of these washers at a time so you've got one readily available in the event that the washer fails again in future.

Diameter: 28mm

Thickness: 6mm (10mm including nipple)

Suitability: Compatible with Fluidmaster PRO 400 and 747 inlet valves.

Material: Rubber

Manufacturer: Fluidmaster

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