Derwent Macdee Metro Rapid D Shape Syphon / Siphon Diaphragm Washer DSY3900

by Derwent Macdee

If your Derwent Macdee Metro Rapid D shape syphon unit isn't flushing properly, it could very well be that all you need is a new diaphragm washer. Many make the mistake of purchasing an entire new syphon unit as soon as there are any flushing problems. 

Typically, it's just this washer that needs to be replaced to make your toilet flush like it's brand new. Purchasing a replacement diaphragm washer instead of an entire syphon unit can save you a lot of money (and potentially time and effort) in the long term. 

We usually advise purchasing a couple of these washers so in the event that this part fails again in future, you've already got one on hand.

Length: 120mm

Width: 90mm

Material: Plastic

Suitability: For use with Macdee Metro d shaped syphons.

Manufacturer: Derwent Macdee / Wirquin

Please Note: Due to COVID-19, your delivery may take longer than expected.

Available Delivery Options:

£1 - Royal Mail Letter

£6 - Royal Mail Parcel

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