Derwent Macdee Kayla Cable Operated Dual Flush Valve Universal Bottom Entry Fitting Pack AV068

by Derwent Macdee
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The Kayla cable operated dual flush valve universal bottom entry fittings pack is one of our best selling complete cistern fittings pack from Derwent Macdee. The flush valve is suitable for retrofit and new installations and high traffic areas.

The flush valve can be used with concealed, close coupled and low level cisterns. The top section of the valve is compatible with existing AFV40100 / AFV40200 sockets. The valve is commonly used as an equivalent replacement for the discontinued Derwent Macdee Pacific flush valve.

The cable on the valve is 400mm excluding the mechanism that attaches to the button. The base sealing washers that come with the valve allow it to be used with both 2" and 1 1/2"outlets.

The valve comes complete with an adjustable overflow tube which adjusts from 190mm to 330mm.

The fittings pack also comes complete with a Wirquin Jollyfill bottom entry inlet valve, a chrome push button, a foam doughnut washer, and a set of cistern bolts.

Height: The flush valve is 260mm high (Including base and thread.) - Height of overflow tube is adjustable.

Width: 115mm (Flush valve)

Depth: 80mm (Flush valve)

Doughnut Washer Type: Flat foam doughnut washer.

Doughnut Washer External Diameter: 100mm

Doughnut Washer Internal Diameter: 58mm

Inlet Valve Thread Length: 45mm

Inlet Valve Feed Location: Bottom feed.

Inlet Valve Thread Diameter: 1/2"

Flush Valve Thread Diameter: 1 1/2" (Supplied with an optional base sealing washer for use in cisterns with a 2" outlet.)

Operation: Cable

Flush Type: Dual flush.

Materials: All major components are made of plastic, the washers are rubber and the cistern bolts are made of metal.

Contents: 1 x DVA0100 flush valve, 1 x chrome push button, 1 x foam doughnut washer, 1 x Wirquin Jollyfill bottom entry inlet valve, 1 x set of cistern bolts.

Suitability: Suitable for most toilet cisterns with a bottom entry inlet valve feed.

Button Finish: Chrome

Manufacturer: Derwent Macdee / Wirquin

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