Impulse Toilet Spares

Simply beautiful are two words that sum up all the designs in the Impulse Bathrooms range. From classical, period styling to the very latest contemporary looks, our stunning collection of suites includes something to suit every home. What’s more, you can rest assured it’s a look that will last. Source: Impulse Bathrooms

Impulse / Wisa / Sphinx Flush Valve Base Sealing Washer SWVW5920 Impulse Toilet Spares Impulse

Impulse / Wisa / Sphinx Toilet Cistern Flush Valve Base Sealing Washer 369024 / SWVW5920 / 8035885920


If your Impulse, Wisa or Sphinx flush valve won't seal properly and is constantly passing water into the toilet pan but there is no sign of an inl...

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