Identifying your Toilet Flush Valve

Are you having issues with identifying the correct flushing valve that you need for your toilet? Below you'll find a short guide on how to correctly gauge what you require. 

If you are still unsure you can easily contact us via email or the chat-box in the corner and we'll be happy to guide you through it.

Step One:

The first step you'll need to do is identify the brand of your particular valve, this is usually stamped onto the top or side of the plastic.

Failing this the branding on the cistern or toilet might be the actual manufacturer of the internals, large brands such as Roca and Armitage Shanks generally follow this route. Please note that this is not always the case as various brands use other well known and reputable flushing vales.

If you are unable to identify the branding on the valve, you are always free to email us a picture for us to correct identify for you.

Step Two (optional) :

For the second step you'll need to identify the method the flushing valve operates, this usually comes in four types.

Cable Operated - A metal wire attaches the push button to the flushing valve, flushing when pressed.

Mechanical - The button either directly pushes onto the valve or uses small rods to operate the mechanism.

Pneumatic - A bellow within the push button operates a separate bellow in the flush valve when pressed, note this can be mistaken for a cable flush, yet the tube uses air vs a metal pull rod.

Syphon / Siphon - Are commonly referred to as a flush valves also, they use a Siphonic action to flush the toilet.


After you have identified the type of mechanism you can easily locate the part on our website, or further diagnose the valve to find what fault is present, be it a torn bellow or a corroded cable.

You can find most UK brands stocked within our website, again if you feel you are unsure of what you require you can always contact us via or call us via +44 143 192 7500 and we'll be happy to help.

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